FIFA ranking calculator

FIFA ranking calculator

 FIFA men's ranking procedure is based on:

  • Points before the match
  • Importance of match (I). It depends on the tournament.
  • Result of the match

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Importance of match: I = 40, Confederation final competition matches from the QF stage onwards; all FIFA Confederations Cup matches (I=40)
Tournament: Euro - Play Offs
 Netherlands: beforeP = 1,747.95
ENG England: beforeP = 1,803.07

Knock-out rounds of final competitions: Teams that earn negative points in the knock-out round of a final competition (e.g. as a result of losing, or even winning after PSO against a weaker team) do not lose any points.

 Netherlands ENG  England
 Netherlands wins ENG  England +22.11 (1770.06) 0 (1803.07)
 Netherlands wins (penalty) ENG  England +12.11 (1760.06) 0 (1803.07)
 Netherlands draws ENG  England +2.11 (1750.06) 0 (1803.07)
 Netherlands loses (penalty) ENG  England +2.11 (1750.06) 7.89 (1810.96)
 Netherlands loses ENG  England 0 (1747.95) +17.89 (1820.96)